July 10, 2019

Dokkodo (The Way to be Followed Alone) by Miyamoto Musashi

I was really clueless about such a brilliant writings of Miyamoto Musashi. It's only today when I stumbled upon blog of LifeMathMoney I came to know about it.

His teachings is like ocean of knowledge shared in small capsules. Each teaching is worth pondering upon in depth. You can go and read all the 21 teachings at LifeMathMoney site. I am just noting few below, which I strongly feel for...

  • Accept everything just the way it is
  • Do not pursue the taste of good food
  • You may abandon your own body but you must preserve your honour
  • Never stray from the Way

Adding in my to-read list... "The Book of Five Rings"

July 08, 2019

Excel - Home Loan Calculator (EMI)

One of the major financial decision which is made by most individual at some point of time is that of buying house. Typically saying goes, you should have zero debt except it is for house. Which is quite true, as that is one asset which is difficult to buy cash down (for most of the people).

With current Budget 2019 announcement of additional Rs 1.5 lakh interest eligible for deduction, I find many of my friend actually struggling to calculate, what will be the actual interest component for the different years. So here’s quick worksheet that will help you to find out your monthly installment amount and your annual and total interest/principal outflow.

  • To use this worksheet, you will need to update cells highlighted in yellow
  • Worksheet is built basis Excel’s inbuilt function of PMT
  • Calculation assumes interest for full month – so if installment date is different – amount might be slightly different
  • Currently, I have kept provision for 30 years

Lastly, worksheet is not password protected, so feel free to edit and make it suitable for your need.

Download from Google Drive

If you are non-finance guy and need some specific help, feel free to drop in your queries.

February 14, 2019

Hello World

Yet another attempt of mine to start this blog afresh. I am hoping this attempt will last little longer in compare to my previous attempts.