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India 1854 - One Anna postage stamp variety identification

Just wanted to note down this pointers I found sometime back, which might be of good to help to someone who is working on collecting 1854 1 anna lithograph postage stamps of British India
Identification of the 3 dies of 1854-55 British India 1A QV red lithographs

Image Source - Google
Die I
1. Chignon is always separated from the hair strands of the head. (most specific characteristics of die I)  2. A small blob of red is projected into the second top lobe of the chignon in its left side, from the hair strands. (another consistent feature of die I in both new and worn out stages) 3. The second top lobe and the bottom two lobes of the chignon are very much blank. 4. INDIA and HALF ANNA letterings are thinest as well as smallest among the 3 dies. There is sufficient distance between the letters and the upper and lower lines of the inscription labels. 5. The upper two corner crosses are smallest among the 3 dies. 6. Eye and nostril are not as firm as die III. 7. Bustline is not sharply pointed as …

COVID19 Lockdown

Today it's almost 45 days plus of following lockdown regime. We are hardly stepping out - thanks to Amazon, BigBasket, even necessity items are easily available. However, looking at overall scenario, it appears - we have just delayed the impact. As soon as the lockdown has been eased, cases have started to mount up. I just hope, people follow the self lockdown to the extent possible.
Schools have also taken positive steps by planning to re-open school online for now.
Here's how cases looks like, at the time of writing this post. Take this number with pinch of salt - whoever knows how Govt official number release works.
Do help people around you, to the extent you can. This is classic Black Swan event, Govt cannot reach everywhere and help all.

Hello (again) World !

This would be nth restart of this blog with final hope of no further restarts. 
If you are wondering, why a personal blog needs to be re-started. Well, few wrong call makes the need to do that - like, wrong domain, wrong customization, blogger upgrading and most importantly content being too childish. Everyone evolves and it's perfectly right I think for personal blog to evolve too. That's the time, you hit that 'delete blog' link and makes a fresh restart. Thanks to this lock down too, lot of time to do such restarts.

Lot of people wonder, why you should have personal blog? If you are one of them - well, here's why I like to keep the personal blog
It brings clarity in thoughtsIt connects you with people having similar interest (I found few friends in philately)Share learningSharing stuff with friends and family (I am not active Facebook or Instagram user)Helps improving my writing ability (which is at its worst) There's nothing to loose, give it a try and you …