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Hello (again) World !

First Blog Post

This would be nth restart of this blog with final hope of no further restarts. 

If you are wondering, why a personal blog needs to be re-started. Well, few wrong call makes the need to do that - like, wrong domain, wrong customization, blogger upgrading and most importantly content being too childish. Everyone evolves and it's perfectly right I think for personal blog to evolve too. That's the time, you hit that 'delete blog' link and makes a fresh restart. Thanks to this lock down too, lot of time to do such restarts.

Lot of people wonder, why you should have personal blog? If you are one of them - well, here's why I like to keep the personal blog
  • It brings clarity in thoughts
  • It connects you with people having similar interest (I found few friends in philately)
  • Share learning
  • Sharing stuff with friends and family (I am not active Facebook or Instagram user)
  • Helps improving my writing ability (which is at its worst)
There's nothing to loose, give it a try and you may find your own reason.

I am not going to be writing typical 'About me', which would be like standard page for any personal blog. As the whole blog is only about me ;). There's no specific topic / theme I write about, so just scan through the stuff you like and jump back to google for your quest. If you do relate with any post, feel free to drop in the comment.

My interest area is predominately Finance, Excel and Philately. So if any of this happens to be your interest area too - do drop by at regular interval, it might happen to be one of this topics.