Cover: Cooper / Renouf / Martin Type 6

Started to pick up covers recently with aim to add as many type of cancellations I can pertaining to British India period.

Here's the one from few of the firsts I bought:

The cover was franked with Br. India 1856 ½A SG 37 to pay the basic letter postage for weight upto 2.92gm (¼ tola), the rate in effect from October 1,1854 to March 31,1869.

The Cooper/Renouf/Martin Type 6 - C85 cancel of Kannur HPO (est. 1820) was introduced in December 1855.

The dispatch date stamp (dt. October 5,1860) of Kannur and receiving date stamp (dt. October 11,1860) of Sikandarabad were both struck in red ink on the back following the Para. 264 of Indian Post Office Manual 1855 following which all fully prepaid letters had to be stamped with date stamps of both dispatch and delivery post offices in red on the back and underpaid/unpaid letters were to be struck with date stamps by the dispatch office in black on the address side.

Back side shows postal mark of 2ndD, indicating it was done as part of second delivery of the day.