Jun 3, 2013

My first day at school

Till morning both mom and dad were confused whether I should be attending my first day of Montessori or not... I am having fever and running nose.. (Damn! Bangalore has suddenly turned very cold). I got up only at 9.15am and my school time is supposed to be at 9.30am. My snacks box is not packed and I am in no mood to do anything but to cry.... which anyway I did whole night. Suddenly thing changed... dad-mom decided to ask me if I want to go and I said 'Yes'...

Next 15 mins, I don't know how mummy managed to do all, but I had brushed my teeth, got my new dress... my box was packed with Mango and I was all set to go for my first day of Montessori. As always, there has to be photo shoot before any big event so that I can enjoy it when I grow up... so here's my pose..

First day of Montessori
At 9.30am I was at school and before mom could even say bye... I rushed inside to play. Being first day, Montessori was going to be only for an hour. Mummy was not supposed to come inside, so she left after dropping me there..

I don't know, why all kids were crying, so even I cried sometime in between seeing them... that is what Aunty told to Mummy when she came back to pick me up.

So now I am grown up boy...